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Own a Home with ease using our home purchase plan and products  with up to 24months payment plan. 

About STOW

STOW is a product of OCTO5 Proptech Solutions; One of Nigeria’s pioneer developers of gated communities. We are the prime source for innovation development and construction solutions designed to suit the needs of the Nigeria market.


Owning a home should not be as hard as rocket science, with the newly improved STOW App, Home purchase just got a lot easier and at your fingertips.

The stow home purchase plan gives you the control and flexibility to find and buy a home on your schedule. 

With the STOW app, you can take self-eligibility assessment, check self-prequalification for mortgages, view E-documentation on property and monitor progress of construction on your selected property.


STOW Cooperative program is designed to encourage target savings and group acquisition of serviced plots and homes in designated communities.

Members of STOW COOPERATIVE can access up to sixty months of payment plan to support their Home Purchase, acquire home at discounted rates, Participate in Micro-Savings and Targeted Savings plan, access special Bonanzas, and deals exclusive to cooperative members only.


The CO-OP Micro Savings Investment Note offers members the unique opportunity of accessing secure and guaranteed rates of returns in the real estate sector.

Subscribers save over a period of 24 months and interest is payable annually. The capital raised is deployed towards the development and completion of new and existing residential and commercial developments in Epe, Lekki, Isheri, Uyo, Abuja FCT, and other locations 

The Micro investment note is a secured debt note, managed by a reputable team of Trustees, Financial and Legal Advisers. Octo5, the primary developer associated with STOW provide collateral assets that are adequate and sufficient to cover all savings deposits received from micro investors.


The Group Home Purchase Plan enables interested cooperative members to co-own a property of their choice.

Subscribers under the group plan are collectively considered as a unit and all terms and conditions applicable to home purchase will apply to the group collectively


The STOW Fractional Home Investment Plan makes it possible for you to enjoy the yields of Prime Properties while investing only a fraction of the purchase price within a defined period.


View progress/pictures of house being built, after you reach your milestone

Subscribers makes Purchase via app and pay milestones through online bank transfers

Subscribers choose the plan most compatible to their cashflow

e-Documentation on property/purchase

View payment plan/account and check outstanding/ aggregation

Get reminders/payment prompts for the next threshold on a monthly basis

Self eligibility assessment

Self prequalification for mortgages

Benefits of STOW COOP Membership

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